100 Juggles Club

  The Quakertown Soccer Club “100 Juggles Club” 

(Click on the scarf for the Certification Form) 

Being able to juggle a soccer ball in excess of 100 consecutive times is a great achievement for a youth soccer player. It cannot be done without many hours of individual practice and dedication to developing the skill. In order to recognize this desire to improve, QSC has developed the 100 Juggles Club.

Before their 18th birthday, any QSC player can join the 100 Juggles Club by juggling the ball at least 100 times in succession (without the ball touching the ground) and capturing it on video for submission to the club.  The player must touch the ball at least 100 times in a row with any combination of their foot, head, thigh or chest (the player must start the ball with their feet and use at minimum two different surfaces for a minimum of 5 juggles (i.e. 95 foot juggles and 5 thigh juggles or 95 foot juggles, 3 thigh juggles and 2 head juggles)). If the ball touches the ground, the player must begin again at zero. The player may try as many times as they wish.

Note: A video clearly capturing all 100 juggles per the rules above is required to fulfill the requirements.  The form must then be given to the player’s coach for signature.  The coach will then turn the signed and completed form in to one of the Quakertown Soccer Club Executive Board members for recognition of the player by the soccer club.

The player will receive a commemorative “100 Juggles Club” soccer scarf, will have their name posted on the QSC website, and will have their name engraved on a plaque inside the clubhouse with the date they “joined the club”.   Certification form

                                    100 JUGGLES AWARD LIST

1 Kyle Woulfe Cougars U17M 11/23/2012
2 Blake Meyers Crushers U14M 12/26/2012
3 Matthew Berrios Crushers U14M 12/21/2016
4 Ryan Leatherman Crushers U14M 5/27/2013
5 Richard Bittner Crushers U14M 6/23/2013
6 Travis Harwick Young Guns U12M 08/23/2013
7 Ben Wackerman Gunners U14M 9/23/2013
8 Lily Colflesh Lightning Boltz U14F 6/2/2014
9 Ben Kave Young Guns U13M 5/30/2014
10 Lizzie Maceri Lightning Boltz U14F 6/2/2014
11 Maddie Spadafora Blue Tigers U13F 6/22/2014
12 Jordynn Cheatle White Tigers U13F 7/20/2014
13 Brad Conklin Blue Devils U15M 7/9/2015
14 Samantha Barkholz Blue Tigers U14F 7/29/2015
15 Brandon Strecker Blue Devils U15M 8/1/2016
16 Kara Kreuz SWAT Blue U13F 8/20/2015
17 Morgan Sipprell SWAT Blue U13F 8/24/2015
18 Emily Maceri SWAT Blue U13F 8/27/2015
19 Natalie Reilly SWAT Blue U13F 9/1/2015
20 Callan Able Huskies U12F 9/25/2015
21 Angela Calvanese Huskies U12F 11/17/2015
22 Carolyn Sipprell Huskies U12F 11/29/2015
23 Jake Schwartz '00 Blue Devils U15M 6/1/2016
24 Haley Bahry '01 White Tigers U15F 6/30/2016
25 Kevin Umanzor '01 Young Guns U16M 8/17/2016
26 Rylan Dauter '06 Predators U11M 9/1/2016
27 Nathan Barkholz '01 Young Guns U16M 9/1/2016
28 Danilo Honrato '01 Young Guns U16M 10/6/2016
29 Tyler Osika '05 Warriors U12M 10/8/2016


                                          AWARD VIDEOS

Kyle Woulfe displays some of his juggling skills.  Kyle has a personal best of 750 juggles!


Travis Harwick, Young Guns - 106 juggles, August 23, 2013


Ben Kave, Young Guns - 100 juggles, June 1, 2014


Maddy Spadafora, Blue Tigers - 116 juggles, June 22, 2014


Jordyn Cheatle, White Tigers - 125 juggles, July 19, 2014


Samantha Barkholz, Blue Tigers - 143 juggles, July 30, 2015


Callie Abel, Huskies - 100 juggles, date


Morgan Sipprell, Swat - 109 juggles, date


Carolyn Sipprell, Huskies - 110 juggles, date


Brad Conklin, Blue Devils - 107 juggles, date


Angela Calvanese, Huskies - 108 Juggles, November 15th, 2015




Nathan Barkholz, Young Guns - 105 juggles, date



Kevin Umanzor, Young Guns - 132 juggles, date



Danilo Honorato, Young Guns - x juggles, date



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