Coaching Guidelines

Quakertown Intramurals - Coaching Guidelines

(For Coaches and Parents)

Our Intramural program’s philosophy is to create a fun environment in which players receive basic skill training and participate in friendly game.

All times listed below are tentitive and will be confirmed once registration is completed.

Field Time for U6 Coed, Saturdays – 2 Session Times 9:00am to 10:00am OR 10:15am to 11:15am

Field Time for U8 & U10 are from 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Field Time for U12 & U15 Coed are from 7:45pm - 8:45pm

Field Time for High School Coed starts at 8pm

Practice/Game format is as follows: (request that players show up 10 mins prior to their start time)
Ages U6 Coed (4v4, Approximate Field Size- 30x20, NO GOALKEEPERS, Ball size 3)
First 25 minutes – warm up and practice skills
Next 15 minutes – 1st half of game
5 minute break
Final 15 minutes – 2nd half of game

Ages U8 
(4v4  Approximate Field Size- 30x20, NO GOALKEEPERS, Ball size 3)
First 25 minutes – warm up and practice skills
Next 15 minutes – 1st half of game
5 minute break
Final 15 minutes – 2nd half of game


Ages U10 (6v6 + Goalkeepers, Approximate Field Size- 47x30, Ball size 4)
First 25 minutes – warm up and practice skills
Next 15 minutes – 1st half of game
5 minute break
Final 15 minutes – 2nd half of game

Ages U12 (9v9 including Goalkeepers, Approximate Field Size- 75x47, Ball size 4)
First 15 minutes – warm up and practice skills
Next 20 minutes – 1st half of game
5 minute break
Final 20 minutes – 2nd half of game

Ages U15 Middle School Coed or High School Coed (11v11 Full Field or split into 4 teams and play 1/2 fields, Ball size 5)
First 5 minutes – warm up and practice skills
Next 25 minutes – 1st half of game
5 minute break
Final 25 minutes – 2nd half of game

1. Contact all players immediately to set up one or two pre-games practice dates, if time permits. Advise all players the requirement for shin guards, and to bring their appropriate size ball they received (Size 3 – Ages 4 thru 7, Size 4 – Ages 8-11, Size 5 – Ages 12+); bring water to all practices and games… Cleats are optional, but recommended for ages 8+.

a. Practice basic skills: Dribbling (slow to fast), Passing, Positions, Corner Kicks, 6-yard Kick, Throw Ins, First Tap, etc.,

2. Ask for a parent volunteer to set up snack schedule for games (fruit at half time/after game treat) This is optional and up to the coaches/parents.

3. Ask for volunteers to work at snack stand (see schedule… 2 volunteers each night team is listed on schedule)

* Procedures are listed above the equipment; prices will also be in the snack stand. IM parents need to cover their full hour, or it won’t be fair to the other teams. They should come a full 5 min prior to their game that way the parents of the first game can be back when their players are done.

4. During games:

a. All players receive equal playing time
b. No scores are kept
c. Referees will call games (No refs for ages 4 & 5)
d. No yelling/screaming at players during games or practices
e. No yelling/screaming at the referees, coaches or parents. Treat everyone with respect and set a good example for our children.
f. Give guidance to players during game and at half time
i. Use practiced skills
ii. Offer advice to players:
1. “Pass to another player” (Say name of open Player)
2. “Dribble forward” (give direction: to your left, forward, etc.,)
3. “Play”
g. Coach your players but remember that all players on field are part of QSC
h. Goals should be kept at no more than a 3-goal spread (less is better). If you need to tighten up on goals scored:
i. Keep all players on the non-scoring side of field
ii. Place a good front line player as goalie or on defense line. Tell them to pass or something, but do not shoot on the net
iv. Use discreet “keeping it fun and friendly” ideas to ensure all players are having fun ie. 3 passes before each shot, etc.
5. Players should arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to their start time for game nights for warm-up/practice
6. Have as much fun as possible… without hurting anybody else… (Little kids have “Big” feelings)

a. Have your team make up a team name
b. Have your team cheer on fellow teammates
c. Give out many compliments to ALL players
d. A win-win = a tie score
7. If First Aid is needed: Advise parent… Band-Aids & Ice are kept at snack stand. Call 911 in case of emergency.

8. Referees – Please keep in mind, these are all primarily young kids. They have all gone through basic training and have a basic understanding of the rules. They are to be treated with respect and there is no need to make a big deal out of a missed call, etc. Please maintain a controlled environment, especially with the spectators, no one is perfect and we can’t expect them to be either. However, if a ref is a “NO SHOW” for your game, please contact me and let me know right away. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the referees, please contact Dan Rutledge directly, Also, they will not be calling off-sides in any of the age groups, but please no cherry picking.

9. Practices –Since most teams will only play once a week this year, it is being left up to the individual coaches whether they want to have a separate practice night or not. Coaches are to keep in mind that you should find out how your team feels about having practice nights as well. If the coaches do decide to have a practice night, please keep in mind that these are voluntary in just trying to help the children to further develop their skills and is not expected of the children.

10. Report any comments or concerns to Stephen Kave directly,

*All coaches are required to fill out a background check*

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